The Munnelly Multiplex

David Munnelly Band

Laughing John Munnelly performs his song Legend. Get it now at the Apple Music Store.

Andy Munnelly as the son in a tense four-minute scene from Mick Williams’ Supper.

Catherine Munnelly leads tourists through the German capital of Berlin.

Karine Polwart’s song What are you waiting for? performed by Irish group Munnelly.

Irene Munnelly of St. Ultan’s, Meath, triumphs in the 2011 GAA Kick Fada competition, sponsored by MBNA.

Wine guru Billy Munnelly of Billy's Best Bottles explains why wine, like music, is an emotional experience.

From personal trainer Dominic Munnelly: How to do a proper pushup.

Ross Munnelly stars for Laois against Mayo in the 2006 GAA All-Ireland quarter-final.

A selection of lively musical vids from the Dave Munnelly Band

At the Walnut Valley Music Festival. Becky Hill provides the energetic dancing!

Performing Nick's Boat at Matt Molloy's landmark bar in Westport, County Mayo.

Closing the 2008 Shetland Folk Festival with a rousing finale at the Hotel Foy.

The band in concert at the Old Settlers' Inn in Moundridge, Kansas.

Some video interviews by Priscella Munnelly of George Mason University, Washington, DC.

As Thanksgiving approached, Priscella asked students what they are thankful for.

How should love be defined? Priscella interviews some students in search of answers.

What Do Students Say is The Meaning of Life? Priscella went to find out.

Interview with Holly Frybarger, George Mason's Life Choices Coordinator.

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