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Here you will find examples of my digital marketing projects, and the channels and tools used. At the Irish Computer Society, I aided the successful online promotion of 18 different web properties. For hamletmodelessays.com, I used SEO techniques to nudge the site to the top of relevant Google search engine result pages (SERPs) in the USA and the UK in a highly competitive environment of well-resourced publishing brands.

Sample SERP 1
Sample SERP 2
Sample SERP 3
Sample SERP 4

Google Analytics

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) was used for XML sitemap submission and URL error checking. The PageSpeed Insights tool supported server speed and user experience monitoring.

Every aspect of website interaction and engagement was tracked, segmented and reported on with Google Analytics.

SumoMe and Hotjar were used to capture users clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour, so enabling the ongoing refinement of e-commerce sales funnels and providing continual support for evidence-based decision-making.

Google Analytics summary Google Analytics summary mobile

HTML Meta Tags

Good SEO performance and customer conversion begin at the beginning of each HTML page. Specifically, with the correct use of meta (as in ‘meta data’) tags in the <HEAD> section of the web page.

Unique and inviting title and meta description tags can boost both search engine ranking and user click-through rate from SERPs.

The inclusion of Open Graph protocol meta tags can customise how web pages appear when they are Liked or Recommended by Facebook users.

You can see some examples of meta tags below.

Meta tag examples
meta tags
meta tags

Structured Data Markup

Using schema.org tags to format HTML text semantically improves the way web pages appear in SERPs, and so helps maximise both their discoverability and readability. For example, the following brand identity tag in JSON-LD format helps search engines display relevant organisation details from multiple platforms.

Meta tag JSON
Schema example

Other examples below show the <itemscope> element used to identify organisation contact details, event information and product specifications. Schema validation is performed with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Rich Schema 1
Rich Schema 2
Rich Schema 3
Rich Schema 4

Twitter Marketing

Embedded Twitter timelines help web pages stay current with fresh news and real-time community feedback. For projects such as Tech Week Ireland and F1 in Schools, I customised Jason Mayes’s JavaScript-based Twitter-Post-Fetcher for Bootstrap to create multi-column, horizontal timeline layouts in page footers.

Twitter timeline1

During Tech Week, the #TechWeekIRL hashtag trended as high as number two in Ireland.

With 1,000-plus followers, @F1inSchoolsIRL promotes and provides a peer interaction platform for second-level students participating in the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge which annually attracts entries from over 50 schools all across Ireland.

For essaykit.com I included meta tags in web page headers for Twitter Cards. These enable the attachment of images and other media to tweeted URLs, so boosting tweet visibility and click-through back to the associated website.

sample Twitter Card

Also included on most pages are customised Click-to-Tweet options to promote social sharing. Try the example below!


#Hamlet - to both on-stage characters and audience it can seem more baffling mystery than tragedy.


Tools used for Twitter management include Buffer for automated tweet scheduling and Commun.it to identify influencers and supporters, increase engagement potential, and grow retweets and likes.

See some sample @essaykit tweets below.

Hamlet essay 1
Hamlet essay 2
Hamlet essay 3
Hamlet essay 4

Facebook Marketing

For Irish Computer Society programmes such as Tech Week, F1 in Schools, ChooseIT and ECDL that are targetted at a younger demographic, extensive use was made of the Facebook platform to build awareness and engage audiences.

During Tech Week, the page’s reach peaked at 60,000 views within one hour. Tech Week’s most popular Facebook post earned close to a quarter of a million unique, organic users. Facebook user engagement was managed with the Falcon platform.

Facebook examples
Facebook sample 1
Facebook sample 2
Facebook sample 3
Facebook sample 4

Email Marketing

At the Irish Computer Society, I championed the adoption of MailChimp as the default platform for email generation, list management and user engagement, across the organisation and its sister associations.

email signup button email signup acknowledgement
ipad email examples
email sample 1
email sample 2
email sample 3
email sample 4

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