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The world’s top-selling, most-translated and best-loved set of textbooks for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). Scroll down to read some reviews from readers.

Average Customer Rating:
Book German Edition Amazon star rating
book cover

“Easy to read, easy to understand and entertainingly written.”

ECDL - Das komplette Kursbuch für Office 2010

Paperback: 1056 pages
Publisher: Markt + Technik Verlag

German Edition: Sample Review 1

I particularly liked the Excel spreadsheets chapter. I learnt a tremendous amount...

German Edition: Sample Review 2

Even with prior knowledge, this book is interesting and entertainingly written...

German Edition: Sample Review 3

This book is really great. Highly recommended...

German Edition: Sample Review 4

I find it very good. Everything is explained very simply...

The ECDL Complete Coursebook and How to Pass ECDL series were co-written with Paul Holden and the content team at Rédacteurs.

Average Customer Rating:
Book Complete Coursebook Amazon star rating
book cover

“Very useful and a great reference. We‛re really glad we got it!”

ECDL 4: the Complete Coursebook for Office 2003

Paperback: 800 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall

Recommended for my daughter. We’re really glad we got it!...

Complete Edition: Sample Review 2

A great book – very useful and a great reference you can dip into...

Complete Edition: Sample Review 3


Complete Edition: Sample Review 4

A good guide for getting used to Windows 7...

Various editions of the ECDL textbooks were translated into four languages: German, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian and Italian.

Average Customer Rating:
Book Complete Coursebook XP Amazon star rating
book cover

“Clear, easy-to-understand. I would strongly recommend this book. Brilliant!”

ECDL 4: The Complete Coursebook for Microsoft Office XP

Paperback: 840 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall

XP Edition: Sample Review 1

Clear, easy-to-understand and exhaustive. You can't fail to pass with this book...

XP Edition: Sample Review 2

Would thoroughly recommend it. The only book that makes sense to me as a complete beginner...

XP Edition: Sample Review 3

I have recommended it to students. Excellent instructions, brilliant source of information...

XP Edition: Sample Review 4

An excellent book. Very clear and easy to understand. Highly recommended...

The ECDL textbooks earned multiple five-star reviews on Amazon from students and trainers alike.

Average Customer Rating:
Book Original Edition Amazon star rating
book cover

“Holden and Munnelly always cater for the curious learner. Readable in its own right and enlivens the topics.”

How to Pass ECDL 4: Office 2000

Paperback: 564 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall

Original Edition: Sample Review 1

Clear page layout, uncluttered feel, straightforward approach...

Original Edition: Sample Review 2

Detailed, logical and useful. Both interesting and practical...

Original Edition: Sample Review 3

The writer made the exam easy to pass. Gr8!...

Original Edition: Sample Review 4

Although I am using Windows 2010 it is still a great help...

Separate international editions of the books were developed and published for the North American and Australian markets.

Hamlet: Model Essays for Students

For students and teachers of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: 42 easy-to-read and written-to-inspire 1,500-word sample essays. Hamlet: Model Essays or Students contains three 1,500-word essays on each of the play’s 14 main characters, relationships and themes.

The 42 model essays in the book are intended as building blocks for students to help them organise and structure their personal responses to Hamlet, and as starting points for them to express, in their individual writing styles, their own interpretations of the play.

See the book’s companion website.