Portfolio: Education / Instructional Design

Here you will find some examples of my educational and instructional design projects for the corporate and academic sectors, and for independent learners. Topics include health informatics, communications technology, IT for primary students and Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Health Informatics

I developed for the Health Informatics Society of Ireland and the Irish Computer Society the Health Informatics Training System (HITS), an eight-module, self-study online course.

Endorsed by An Bord Altranais and the Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy, HITS clients include the UCD School of Medicine, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Beaumont Hospital.

Internationally, HITS has been adapted and licensed for use by Barnet NHS Trust in the UK, HIMSS in the United States and Canada’s Health Informatics Association. Versions were localised and translated for the Spanish healthcare authorities.

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Communications Technology

For the Open Education Unit at Dublin City University (DCU), I developed two 400-page, self-study textbooks in Communications Technology, covering levels one and two of the Diploma/Degree (BSc) in Information Technology (IT). DCU’s Open Education Unit pioneered the provision of off-campus undergraduate and postgraduate courses for mature students without the requirement to attend conventional lectures.

The topics blended traditional a physics syllabus – mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism – with electronic engineering topics, analog and digital devices and signal processing, and software development concepts and techniques.

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CLISTE for Primary Schools

Developed for the Irish Computer Society, CLISTE is a journey in innovation and creativity through the primary curriculum for third to sixth classes. By integrating 11 subjects areas with IT skills and knowledge, CLISTE enables teachers to prepare students for tomorrow’s world through today’s primary curriculum.

My role in CLISTE was to transform teacher-developed materials into a web-based digital product. This involved combining 48 lesson plans and over 300 downloadable resources – presentations, worksheets, quizzes and role-play cards – into an easy-to-use, ready-to-inspire teaching experience.

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Hamlet: Model Essays for Students

For students and teachers of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: 42 easy-to-read and ready-to-inspire 1,500-word sample essays. Hamlet: Model Essays or Students contains three 1,500-word essays on each of the play’s 14 main characters, relationships and themes.

The 42 model essays in the book are intended as building blocks for students to help them organise and structure their personal responses to Hamlet, and as starting points for them to express, in their individual writing styles, their own interpretations of the play.

See the book’s companion website.

Hamlet: Model Essays for Students
Hamlet: Model Essays for Students

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