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Portfolio: Copywriting

Here you will find some examples of my copywriting work – including brochures and other marketing collateral, Slideshare presentations and other inbound marketing content, technology journalism, and onscreen microcopy.

Marketing Materials

With Rédacteurs, I wrote a wide range of marketing collateral for the company’s diverse client base. The documents included promotional brochures, pre-sales product, service and programme overviews, and company profiles.

Typically, my challenge was to convert detailed product specifications and feature specifications into tangible, client-winning benefit statements. Other briefs involved identifying a client’s core market proposition and, working with graphic designers, communicating that message in an engaging manner. Clients included Accenture, Eir, PM Group, Quay Financial Software, Enterprise Ireland and the National Software Directorate.

Click on the images below to view sample pages in PDF format.

Marketing materials four images desktop
Content marketing desktop

Inbound/Content Marketing

With traditional or ‘outbound’ marketing facing ever-increasing challenges, inbound marketing with engaging content – in text and rich media – can help gain user attention and win customers.

My Slideshare presentation celebrating ECDL’s 500,000 graduates earned 2,000+ views and was premiered at a national conference attended by then President of Ireland, Mary McAleese.

For the government-supported ChooseIT initiative, I developed an online questionnaire to help second-level students rate their talents in areas such as problem-solving, teamwork and visualisation.

To help promote hamletmodelessays.com, I curated 450+ humorous tweets from 110+ students and teachers into a comic retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Click on the images below to view some samples.


Interface design includes but also goes beyond such elements as grids, colour palettes, fonts, and images; it also requires microcopy: the text that labels and describes on-screen elements, and that guides users on their customer journey through such tasks as registering, subscribing and purchasing.

Successful microcopy is composed of headlines that grab attention, bulleted lead-in paragraphs that develop and hold interest, clear product or service benefit statements, and inviting call-to-action buttons that convert visitors to customers.

Also important are the clear labelling of fields and unambiguous system state messages, all with the aim of successfully steering users through such tasks as registering, subscribing and purchasing. Click on the images below to view some samples.

Microcopy desktop
Microcopy sample image 1
Microcopy sample image 2
Microcopy sample image 3
Microcopy sample image 4

Technology Journalism

For four years I wrote a 1,200-word computer and Internet column published weekly in the Evening Herald. Aimed a mainstream audience, the column combined consumer advice on purchasing PCs, software and peripherals with profiles of IT newsmakers in Ireland and internationally.

The Internet section listed and summarised websites which featured new film and album releases, television shows, celebrities and sporting events. It also offered information and guidance on using the fast-growing range of consumer services becoming available online – such as travel and accommodation, gaming, educational courses and government services.

Click on the images below to view some samples.

Evening Herald sample image 1
Evening Herald sample image 2
Evening Herald sample image 3
Evening Herald sample image 4

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