Portfolio: Technical Writing

In print and online, for accounting, inventory, banking and general productivity software: a range of documentation solutions such as user manuals, system overviews, tutorials and quick reference guides. Some were Amazon best-sellers. A few examples are provided here.

Accounting and Inventory Systems

At Kerridge Commercial Systems, I led a four-strong technical writing and design team that developed documentation solutions for the company’s internationally-successful suite of accounting and inventory management software products. User manuals and quick reference guides were produced for modules such as Purchase, Sales and Nominal Ledgers, and Stock Control.

I subsequently worked for two years as lead technical writer with Distributed Computer Systems (since acquired by Reynolds & Reynolds) and for twelve months I served as EMEA technical documentation project manager with Oracle Ireland.

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Banking Systems

With Rédacteurs, I developed interface design, user support, localisation, branding and marketing solutions for clients such as the European Commission, the European Space Agency, Enterprise Ireland, Microsoft, PM Group, Baan, Accenture, and Westinghouse.

For clients Quay Financial Software, for example, I developed pre-sales product overviews and online and printed support materials for the company’s flagship InVision trading floor software product that was sold to 150 banks in 45 countries around the world.

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Microsoft Office® and ECDL®

With over 100,000 copies sold in five languages, my ECDL Complete Coursebook and ECDL: How to Pass textbooks have earned acclaim from students and trainers alike.

The books cover Microsoft Windows® and the Microsoft Office® applications of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint at intermediate and advanced levels in accordance with the ECDL Syllabus.

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“Outstanding, easy-to-follow, excellent, highly recommended” and “entertainingly written” were among the expressions of praise used by reviewers on Amazon.

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