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Web Design Tutorials

A set of tutorials for developing modern, responsive websites.

Topics covered include creating a free web hosting account on GitHub, installing Microsoft Visual Studio Code and setting up Google Analytics.

Learners are introduced to the foundations of HTML and CSS, responsive page layouts and fluid typography, Google Fonts, colours, images and hyperlinks.

Also included are a number of projects that demonstrate flexbox-based desktop and mobile menus, and contact forms.

Hamlet: Model Essays for Students

For students and teachers of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: 42 easy-to-read and written-to-inspire 1,500-word sample essays. Hamlet: Model Essays or Students contains three 1,500-word essays on each of the play’s 14 main characters, relationships and themes.

The 42 model essays in the book are intended as building blocks for students to help them organise and structure their personal responses to Hamlet, and as starting points for them to express, in their individual writing styles, their own interpretations of the play.

See the book’s companion website.

Munnelly Videos

Some featured videos from the Munnelly Multiplex.

David Munnelly Band

Laughing John Munnelly performs his song Legend. Get it now on the Apple Music Store.

Video Andrew Munnelly

Andy Munnelly as the son in a tense four-minute scene from Mick Williams’ Supper.

Video Catherine Munnelly

Catherine Munnelly leads tourists through the German capital of Berlin.

Munnelly Ancestry

Some resources for learning more about the family of Munnelly and its many variants – Monnelly, Munley, Manley, etc.

Munnellys of County Mayo
Munnellys of County Mayo

Information about Mayo’s O’Maonghaile clan, with lots of history and images of gravestones and family reunions.

Munnellys on
Munnellys on

Cool maps, lots of stats, US census figures and a lively discussion board here. Premium members get more.

Munnellys on Family Search
Munnellys on FamilySearch

Packed database of Munnelly records from every corner of the globe. We certainly get around.

Munnellys on Linkedin
Munnellys on Linkedin

All Munnellys are connected, but some have more connections than others. Meet the family members on Linkedin.

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