Your Crypto Wallet Portfolio Project

A responsive single-page website for a fictitious crypto wallet.


Below you can see a screenshot of the single-page website you will create.


All text on the web page is in the 'Outfit' font from Google Fonts.

Project folders and files

Your first task is to create the folders you need for this project.

  1. For your first project, the Van Gogh project, you created a new folder named 📁 portfolio inside your ‘main’ 📁 websites folder. file-explorer-portfolio-folder   Inside this 📁 portfolio folder, create a sub-folder to hold the files for your Crypto Wallet project. file-explorer-portfolio-folder Name the new sub-folder as 📁 crypto-wallet (all small letters, no spaces).
  2. Inside this new folder, create an 📁 assets sub-folder.   And inside this, create a 📁 css sub-folder, a 📁 js sub-folder and an 📁 img sub-folder. file-explorer-portfolio-folder

✅  All done. You now have created the folder with sub-folders for your Crypto Wallet web page project.

Project resources

Your next task is to obtain the various files needed for your Crypto Wallet project.

Web page

Save the following 'starter' web page to your 📁 crypto-wallet folder:


save as HTML

Ensure you set the Save as type: option to Web Page, HTML Only.


Save the following two stylesheet files to your 📁 crypto-wallet/assets/css sub-folder:

lunadoge.css and custom.css

JavaScript file

Save the following JavaScript file to your 📁 crypto-wallet/assets/js sub-folder:


Your folders and four files (one web page, two stylesheets and one JavaScript file) should now look as shown below.

Sample image

Project text

All the text you need for this web page is in the file below. Only <p> tags have been used for basic formatting.


You do not need to download this file. You can simply copy-and-paste from it.

Project YouTube video

Your web page will link to the following YouTube video: Review (2021): Full Beginners Guide & Everything You Need To Know

Project images

Download the following images to your 📁 crypto-wallet/assets/img sub-folder.

Finally, download the Large (1920 x 2879) version of this image, and crop it to 1920 x 800.


✅   That's it. You now have all the resources you need to begin working on your Crypto Wallet project.

Uploading your files to GitHub

After finishing your web page and stylesheet, you are now ready to upload them to your account on GitHub.

  1. Open a new tab in your web browser and go to If you are not already signed in to your GitHub account, sign in now. github-signin
  2. On your GitHub home page, click the ‘repo’ that holds your web pages. Its name will look as follows, where username is your chosen username on GitHub. github-signin
  3. On the next GitHub screen displayed, near the right of the screen, you can see a button named Add file. Click on it. github-upload-portfolio
  4. From the dropdown list displayed, choose the option Upload files. Project Animation Google Fonts
  5. In File Explorer (Windows 10) or Finder (Apple Mac), drag-and-drop your new 📁 crypto-wallet folder to upload it to the 📁 portfolio folder on your GitHub repository.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the GitHub screen, and accept or edit the short message (Add files via upload) in the Commit changes box.
  7. Finally, click the green Commit changes button to upload your files. Project Animation Google Fonts

Your portfolio project web page is now published on GitHub at a web address similar to the following:
or simply:

It may take a few minutes for your uploaded files to appear on GitHub.

Updating your Home and Portfolio web pages

Your final action is to update your Home and Portfolio web pages with links to this project

Download the following thumbnail image to your 'main' 📁 assets/img folder.

sample image

Add the following code to your Home web page.

sample image

Add the following code to your Portfolio web page.

sample image

Note the difference in relative hyperlinks and image links between the two web pages.

When finished, upload the image file and the updated web pages to your website on GitHub.